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About the R2 Digital Library:

Stop Searching. Start Finding.

The R2 Digital Library is a market-leading eBook platform for health science collections featuring a comprehensive collection of medical, nursing and allied health eBooks presented through a clean and intuitive interface.


The R2 Digital Library offers thousands of health science eBooks from the leading publishers. With one of the most extensive selections of Doody’s Core Titles, the R2 Digital Library has the content essential to the modern health science library. These high yield and focused eBooks are carefully sourced to provide the specialized content demanded by health science collections.


EBooks on the R2 Digital Library are purchased individually, allowing librarians to build meaningful collections one title at a time. Upon purchase, eBooks are immediately accessible and remain within a collection for the life of the edition (and beyond via the archive tool). Suitable for collections of all sizes and specialties, the R2 Digital Library is fully customizable for any health science library.


As a web-based ePlatform, the R2 Digital Library offers seamless eBook access on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and web-capable eReaders. The extensive image library, deep linking and integrated drug information provide an enhanced experience for the end-user. The R2 Digital Library’s user interface is optimized for the health sciences, and eBooks are easily integrated into any collection.

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