Search, filter, and compare journals to make the best publishing decisions with Cabells International Whitelist & Blacklist.

Cabells International is a online database devoted to helping faculty and students evaluate and identify reputable Scientific, Humanities, and Mathematical journals. When using Cabells one can:

  • Identify how much influence a journal has in a particular field
  • Identify the acceptance rate for many journals
  • See verified WOS Journal Citation Reports Impact Factors
  • View Manuscript guidelines, launch dates, editor contact information, ISSNs, & etc.

About the White List:

Cabells' has curated a list of over 11,000 academic journals over 18 disciplines and a 100s of publishers. Journals on these lists are supported by Open Access organizations like DOAJ, COPE, and OASPA. Access to the white list has been provided as a method for our staff and faculty to identify safe and reputable publishers for their papers. The White List uses the following criteria when judging a journal:

  • Scientific and respected Quality Metrics from well-known and authorized providers
  • Acceptance Rates
  • Editorial Board and Author Policies
  • Recommendations from DOAJ, OASPA, COPE, & more.

About the Black List:

As a method of fighting back against the growing trend of exploitative and predatory publishers seeking to charge publication and open-access fees without providing the investigator with editorial, peer-review, or any reputable journal services traditionally provided by the fee. The Black List uses the following criteria when judging a journal:

  • Peer Review Process
  • Editorial Board Selection & Use of Researchers Names/Likeness's without permission
  • Inscrutable & unclear terminology about fees, copyright practices, and archiving policies
  • Misconduct Reports