Tuesday, September 28, 2021 Meg Blount

The library's request forms in the Moffitt Service Portal on the Intranet will be moving from the iStar platform to Service Now, beginning Oct 5th, 2021!

If you have submitted request or troubleshooting tickets in the IT Service Desk portion of the portal, that is now where our forms will be living! 

All of the same forms will be available in Service Now, but now they will be more streamlined and user-friendly; just like the forms in the IT Service Desk!

You will be able to find the library's forms under the "Research Library" category within the "Make a Request" link in the Service Now portal. 

The library's forms/tickets will still be: 

                                                                                             -- Article Requests

                                                                                             -- Ask a Librarian

                                                                                             -- EndNote

                                                                                             -- Labpages & Research Intranet

                                                                                             -- Literature Searches and Research Help

                                                                                             -- Publications & Publication Data

                                                                                             -- Virtual Journal Club

                                                                                       Feel free to contact the library at library@moffitt.org, if you have any questions about this transition or need any help using these forms. 

                                                                                       Thank you so much for your patience while we make this transition!