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You Can Access the Journal of Infusion Nursing Now!

journal of infusion nursing
Meg Blount
Article Date
September 7, 2021

Did you know, as a Moffitt Biomedical Library patron, that you have access to the Journal of Infusion Nursing through "Journals at OVID?" You can locate the journal by searching our catalog for the title! To use the library catalog, click the "Search the Catalog" button at the top right-hand corner located on any page, enter in the journal name in the search box and click "search now."

So, what's so great about the journal? The Journal of Infusion Nursing, official Publication of the Infusion Nurses Society, is the only journal focusing exclusively on the practice of infusion therapy. Original articles provide the latest information on upgrading and implementing nursing skills and utilizing the latest equipment and techniques. Practical solutions, protocols and problem-solving in areas of med-surg, critical care, oncology nursing and homecare are presented in a readable format to help infusion nurses meet the increasing demands of their profession. This journal benefits all nurses involved in the delivery of infusion therapy (cited from OVID Journal Description).

You can access articles and standards, such as the Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice, 8th Edition; the latest edition can be found in Volume 44(1S) Supplement 1 of the journal. 

If you ever have an questions about accessing journals through the library catalog, send an email to